Why We Decided to Have Our Wedding In Denver Colorado

Venue 221 is one of Denver Colorado's premiere meeting venues!

It was 10 some odd years ago and it was time to decide on the perfect place to get married. There were really so many choices.  A castle in Europe? How about Las Vegas?! We thought about the tropics; what could be greater than getting hitched on a tropical isle somewhere with coconuts, and bikinis, and hmmm…. did I just say bikinis?

Perhaps we’ll scratch that idea. Then we started thinking about a down-home destination. A place for family. Something familiar but new at the same time. Did we start thinking mountains maybe? The Rockies? How about Denver, Colorado?!! It’s perfect. It’s beautiful. There are tons to do there. It’s not really inexpensive, but then again it isn’t said, a castle in Europe either!

I’m sure there are tons of superb meeting venues in Denver CO to choose from. But we needed the Top Wedding Planner in Denver as well as the perfect venue! We ended up settling on a centrally located venue in downtown, with a honeymoon planned in beautiful Aspen, Colorado. It was awesome! We hired a great wedding planner to handle the many details.

In fact, I thought I’d list a few benefits of hiring a competent wedding planner. So here it goes:

  • Budget – People usually have a very tight budget for weddings because it involves a large sum of money. Wedding planners help individuals to get the best out of their budget. They are professionals, hence; they are adept at the cost of various things and services which prevents people from overpaying for anything. They also have better contacts with vendors, which allow them to get discounts and save money for their clients.
  • Stress – free – Hiring a wedding planner helps to delegate responsibilities to others. It allows the bride, groom and their families to enjoy their time and celebrate, rather than be bogged with work. Moreover, things are available on time and the events happen on schedule because of the professionalism with which the planner works with his or her team.
  • Assistance – A planner brings many more innovative ideas from his/her field of expertise, so the client can choose the best option for themselves. Further, they have assistance available on the wedding day to ensure that nothing goes wrong and they have people who can easily fix a problem if it occurs.

In other words, organizing a wedding can be a tedious task that requires the attention of many people. Earlier, this duty of organization was undertaken by members of bride and groom’s families. However, with changing times people’s lives have become more hectic and they may be burdened with other, more important work. In such cases, hand this off to a professional!

After all, you have enough to worry about; years of marriage! LOL – enjoy