Why We Decided to Have Our Wedding In Denver Colorado

It was 10 some odd years ago and it was time to decide on the perfect place to get married. There were really so many choices.  A castle in Europe? How about Las Vegas?! We thought about the tropics; what could be greater than getting hitched on a tropical isle somewhere with coconuts, and bikinis, and hmmm…. did I just say bikinis?

Perhaps we’ll scratch that idea. Then we started thinking about a down-home destination. A place for family. Something familiar but new at the same time. Did we start thinking mountains maybe? The Rockies? How about Denver, Colorado?!! It’s perfect. It’s beautiful. There are tons to do there. It’s not really inexpensive, but then again it isn’t said, a castle in Europe either!

I’m sure there are tons of superb meeting venues in Denver CO to choose from. But we needed the Top Wedding Planner in Denver as well as the perfect venue! We ended up settling on a centrally located venue in downtown, with a honeymoon planned in beautiful Aspen, Colorado. It was awesome! We hired a great wedding planner to handle the many details.

In fact, I thought I’d list a few benefits of hiring a competent wedding planner. So here it goes:

  • Budget – People usually have a very tight budget for weddings because it involves a large sum of money. Wedding planners help individuals to get the best out of their budget. They are professionals, hence; they are adept at the cost of various things and services which prevents people from overpaying for anything. They also have better contacts with vendors, which allow them to get discounts and save money for their clients.
  • Stress – free – Hiring a wedding planner helps to delegate responsibilities to others. It allows the bride, groom and their families to enjoy their time and celebrate, rather than be bogged with work. Moreover, things are available on time and the events happen on schedule because of the professionalism with which the planner works with his or her team.
  • Assistance – A planner brings many more innovative ideas from his/her field of expertise, so the client can choose the best option for themselves. Further, they have assistance available on the wedding day to ensure that nothing goes wrong and they have people who can easily fix a problem if it occurs.

In other words, organizing a wedding can be a tedious task that requires the attention of many people. Earlier, this duty of organization was undertaken by members of bride and groom’s families. However, with changing times people’s lives have become more hectic and they may be burdened with other, more important work. In such cases, hand this off to a professional!

After all, you have enough to worry about; years of marriage! LOL – enjoy

Important Health Tips to Consider While Traveling

Traveling is a refreshing experience that almost everyone enjoys and here at RTT Travel and Tours we hope to help you make it the safest and most fun experience of your life, every time you travel abroad.. However, there is nothing that can ruin travel plans like bad health. Following are some health tips to keep in mind while traveling:

Get enough Sleep

  • Sleep – Traveling drains the body of a lot of energy that can only be replenished with a sound sleep. People may feel that sleeping is a waste of time while they are on a holiday and they would rather prefer to explore the place they visit. However, at least 7 hours of sleep is needed for the body on a daily basis. Only a good sleep will ensure that the person is able to have fun during the day and maintain good health. Sleep is also helpful in minimizing the effects of a jet-lag.

Clean Safe Drinking water

  • Drink clean water – It is important to stay hydrated to avoid fainting during the trip or suffering from fatigue. However, it is essential that individuals should check the quality of water to ensure that it is safe before they consume it. Fluids, especially water; is an easy medium for the transmission of diseases. It is advisable to have water that is packed and sealed.

Only Eat safe packaged food

  • Food – People must avoid unsafe food like unpeeled fruit, meat, raw vegetables, unpasteurized milk, etc. as they can cause health problems. Travelers are also advised to carry some light snacks with themselves at all times, because the long outdoor schedules may make them tired. This is done to maintain the sugar levels in the body in case of an emergency.

Lastly, while traveling people should be free of any kind of stress or anxiety that can cause them to collapse. It also helps them to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Importance of Traveling in a Hectic Work Life

Most people lead a busy life juggling between work and other existential necessities. Work takes propriety over everything else like family, health, recreation, etc. It may also hamper the individual’s balance of life and cause him/her to settle for a monotonous life with very few things to make them happy. However, human beings are not machines and they require a break once in a while to be able to dedicate time to do the things that make them happy. Traveling is one of the best ways to rejuvenate drooping spirits.

In fact, check out this absolutely enlightening video by Rick Stevens(TEDx Talks).

Following are few factors that show the importance of travelling in a hectic work life:

  • Family time – While travelling, people get time to make up for the time that they may have missed out on spending with their near and dear ones. It is a good way to reconnect with the people who matter in life.
  • Appreciation for home – ‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder’ is a saying that is usually meant to refer to people. However, it may also be true in case of places. Staying away from the house while travelling makes an individual appreciate and miss the comfort and warmth of one’s own home.
  • Wider horizon – It is only when people travel and get to know about different communities, culture and people that they gain true knowledge. It gives people exposure to facts that they may have never known.
  • Serendipity – Most often people feel a sense of joy while traveling. There could be a number of causes behind such feelings. People get a chance to get away from work and enjoy themselves without any stress.

Traveling is a beautiful thing and life is short. Go get you some!

You Only Live Once. It’s Time To Travel.

Big hello from RTT Travel And Tours. As the title suggests, there is never a perfect time for most of us to take time off from our busy schedules to get out and see the world. But the truth is that time is short. The years just fly by, and at some point you’ll look back and wonder where all the time has gone!

Don’t be that person! Don’t let life pass you by without actually living it.

Here’s how you can get it done:

  1. Make a plan. Sounds simple enough, but most don’t do it. When you put it down on paper and commit to it, it makes it much easier to actually GO.
  2. Research your destination; Costs of Flights, hotels, meals, entertainment.
  3. Put away money every week. Do what you can. Start building that little vacation egg. If nothing else, it gives you hope, a goal, and puts that trigger in your mind that tells you, “hey, this is the plan, we are saving for it, we ARE going to do it.” You’ll be surprised how fast you can save up!

These are just a few suggestions to help you out. At the end of the day it’s up to you. How bad do you want it? Just don’t have any regrets. Do the things you love while you still have your youth and your health.

If you need help planning, hire a travel agent. You don’t have to do it all yourself and can probably save you a lot of stress. May cost you a few bucks, but your sanity will thank you in the morning. 😉

Hope this helps. Go live your dreams!